Kind Spectrum Laboratories

Our Services:

Biomass Extraction / Post-Process Refinement

We can refine CBD extract in any stage to any desired final product. Refinement services include:

◦ Biomass Extraction
◦ Crude Oil Distillation
◦ Distillate Refinement
◦ Cannabinoid Isolation

Extract Purification / Remediation

We can purify your extract - whether that is removing an undesirable impurity or removing a specific cannabinoid, we can get your extract to meet the exact needs of you and your customers.

◦ Extract Purification
◦ Pesticide Remediation
◦ Color Remediation

Product Formulation / White Label

Kind Spectrum offers product formulation and custom manufacturing. Work directly with our in-house formulation team to bring your ideas to life!

Bulk Raw Ingredients

Are you looking for quality hemp extracts for your product line? Kind Spectrum offers clean and trustworthy bulk CBD ingredients for all of your CBD product needs.

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How Can We Work Together?

What are your processing bottlenecks? We have built up our capacity to fill the gaps in your facility. Maximize your productivity by partnering with Kind Spectrum.

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